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Ultrasound, also called sonography is a non-invasive exam that utilizes a probe – or transducer -- to emit sound waves that produce images of the inside of the body.


It is often used to diagnose causes for pain or swelling or to assess conditions related to blood flow. Ultrasound may be used to provide imaging guidance for certain procedures.


These exams do not use radiation and are generally painless.


What to Expect

When you arrive for your ultrasound, you will be asked some questions about your health history. You may be asked to change into a gown and the ultrasound technologist will position you on the padded table. 


Ultrasound utilizes sound waves traveling through a transducer that is pressed against gel on your skin. As these sound waves bounce off different parts of the body, they create echoes that are picked up by the probe and create images.

Ultrasound does not use radiation and is generally painless.


Exam times vary depending on the body part being scanned. 
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